The Journal

The Fall Edition of History In Motion is soon to be released. History in Motion is the Gum Springs Historical Society's Quarterly Magazine. In the past, it has been a struggle to get this publication produced.Chase Graphic Communications is our new designer/publisher and they have pledged to insure that we get the periodical out to you at least 2 times a year. We anticipate having an edition for two seasons. Special Editions will also be released as circumstances warrant.
Chase Graphics will also assist with the electronic publication of stories and pictures from the Community's history for a permanent exhibit at the Gum Springs Cultural Center and Museum. The on-line exhibit is on the Internet for the entire world to see. All community residents are encouraged to submit stories and artifacts for inclusion in both the quarterly printed and electronic magazines. We encourage the donation of family heirlooms for exhibition. Donations may be tax-deductible. If you choose not to donate, we would like to borrow items for temporary display. We will make every effort to get them returned to you as expeditiously as possible. The Society especially needs pictures from the 'old days'. If you have "ANY" photos or documents from the 1700's to the present, we would appreciate being able to make electronic copies. Those of you with stories to tell, who don't want to write them down, let us know. Equipment is available to make video tapes. These tapes will be digitized and placed in the Gum Springs Museum for visitors to view.

The on-line exhibit will also feature articles taken from the most recent edition of History In Motion. Preliminary plans are in the works for a comprehensive video and CD ROM of community history to be sold at the Museum, through mail-order, and on-line - once we get on the Internet.

We are negotiating to get the magazine on area newsstands. The sale price will be $4.95 per copy. Yearly subscriptions will be available for $8.95. Interested persons can apply for Membership in the Society, subscribe to History In Motion, and order mechandise on-line, by mail, or by fax.
Things are looking up for the Society and the Community. We need lots of help! Anyone wishing to help with the many on-going projects should feel free to jump in - the more the merrier. With your help we will project a positive image of Gum Springs to the local community, the Washington Metropolitan area, and the world.

You can reach us at:
Gum Springs Historical Society
8100 Fordson Rd.
Gum Springs, VA 22306
(703) 375-9825