Monday, January 4, 2021

One Step Closer to National Historic Designation for Gum Springs

The Gum Springs Historic Society is working with Fairfax County on two historic studies.  The first is for the nomination of the Pride of Fairfax Lodge #298 (former Odd Fellows Hall) for the National Register of Historic Places. 

The second is a reconnaissance-level architectural survey and Virginia Department of Historic Resources study for the creation of a Gum Springs Historic District. It will include a complete historical context to identify the historical themes and narratives of the Gum Springs community from its establishment in 1833 through the early 1970s. A goal of the Historic Society is to highlight the many innovations and self-sufficiencies of the African American community. It will also identify and analyze the buildings, sites, structures, and objects which contribute to the significant historical themes of Gum Springs.

Monday, December 14, 2020

Virtual Tour of the Gum Springs Museum

The Gum Springs Museum is excited to showcase an interactive virtual tour of the museum. It includes a  exhibits about the founder of Gum Springs, Wes (West) Ford and the foundational blocks that helped to establish the community including its churches and the first community school which was formed in 1850, when it was illegal to educate black Americans.

Gum Springs Museum Virtual Tour

This interactive tour was produced by Kevin Cook of AerialLook. Keep checking back to the link as we continue to add more exhibits!

Museum is Open for Tours During the Pandemic

The Gum Springs Museum hopes that everyone is doing well and is pleased to announce that during the Covid-19 pandemic, the museum continues to be open for tours. Masks are required and groups are limited to 8 people. Appointments are encouraged. Call 703-799-1198 or 703-340-6051 to schedule.  Museum hours are Monday through Friday 10:00am - 5:00pm.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Awarded Virginia State Road Markers:

I would like to thank everyone for the many birthday greetings I received. and to thank all who contributed to the birthday marker fund to pay for the current awarded State Historic Road Markers. So far we have raised 130.00
It was 27 years ago when the Historical Society achieved the State marker designation for Gum Springs. At that time each marker was 1,400 dollars. The Society had two casted for Gum Springs at a cost of 2,800. We raised the money through community and organization donations, and yes many of our parents and grandparents were still living then, donating and helping to continue the legacy of Gum Springs by being a part of the fund raising.

The Society recently worked with Woodlawn Faith Church, and Pride of Fairfax ,  helping to  acquire  a marker for the church and the Odd Fellows Hall. The markers today cost 1,700 each. They have each paid for their marker. The Woodlawn Marker is already up and on view, the Odd Fellows Hall marker is soon slated for a dedication date. The society acquired a marker for Bethlehem Baptist Church, however the Pastor and Trustees does not want the marker . 
The Gum Springs Historical Society has a proposal pending for the Drew Smith Elementary School, which we feel will be granted,  1,700 is needed to pay for that marker, we thank you for your continued support.